Royal Pearl Real Estate Website Project Plan

Website concept

Usually if we ask any developer I want so details page for real estate website project listing , landing page. Improve lot of details how big brand doing. They may do but cost will increase double and ofcourse more time consuming. I don’t think 200-500k aed yearly spend right idea first time. Everyone care budget so Option is wordpress. Magento(Very big brand do this even who have cnn BBC news). . also we can do. But that also super time consuming increase cost too. If you ask any developer I need a high details page. They will failed to do or they can do take years to years.

If you even want to work with any developer but by my idea as I told you. If you give them instruction refuse to do it or asking high demand salary. Plus time consuming.


example :

An Example high details Listing  :

Match with Emaar :  (made by wordpress too)

magento example :

several designer working plus full time. Ofcourse suggestion we should do but day by day based on time and budget too.


So with affordable budget at the moment wordpress. Why its more controllable. Easy solution. Lot of way to integrate best idea. Less complex. Half development cost. Easy to to move anywhere as need. Easy everything. WordPress has challenging task as well. like custom thinking idea how big brand doing. But afford time less than Custom design,magento or anything

Anyone doing wordpress site?

Yes even in Business bay and near area doing WordPress site.

Al Barsha Heights, Dubai, UAE

Eminence Real Estate


Business Tower, Al Barsha 1

West Gate Real Estate | Agency | Buy, Sell or Rent Properties in Dubai

Can We make WordPress like custom coding website

Yes we can do this. But it is also super time consuming. If you ask this matter to any developer. You will see that. Day by day usually we try to make it customize solution.

May there is a way wordpress coding we can change but lot of verify testing is challenge. Spending lot of time you can do whatever. But challenge always.

What is Our site situation right now

How to start

I will find out various theme as you like.

An example :


There are a lot of theme I will give the best choice idea then we will make it all way . all featured. As much details landing page or home page take good time too. But details help to learn depth of the Trust.

What is the plan

Website need to be high end . more informative . Eye catching. Details as possible .

usually there are so many company after spending lot of money in digital paid campaign. when do not get target lead. that time they think it. its called conversion rate optimization. with me you get it built-in..

Day by day review and improve ongoing basis each quality featured as possible . Based on competitor what they are doing and how they are doing. What featured will be best for us. Any new idea we will implement without violation google.

What about Digital Marketing

Based on Competitor Research, Maximum Possible budget we try do whatever they are doing. Example Google ads paid Marketing,Bing ads we can try. Seo/sem/ppc(any paid network)/smm. Faebook,linkedin,twitter Marketing any other way as well. Youtube or video marketing, pdf marketing, video reach. Increase natural followers. Any other network marketing,PR, Creative Video Creation, Educate , Blogging,without spam techniques . Not only that think about more idea to engage audience . anything I will advice day by day effort


how to track the marketing work or not.
Must have tracking system. fakebook, google ads, But keep in mind there is a false tracking as well. that tracking will show you a lot of lead. But truth is no lead at all.

What competitor doing how you know?

Specially I spend few years to learn it. What is the difference between multi million or Billion dollar company  vs any other company. Even research Real estate Example Fam properties vs Royal Pearl Real Estate Company. I see few thousand difference. That exactly we have to do to beat any one . using tool or any other techniques not a matter. But match it correctly how they did and achieve today .


Youtube : anyone can make video so where is the challenge. Reach challenge. Fake view or subscribe not work. It will delete or suspend by youtube. Even you make 600+ video. You will see no reach. We have a network of vip elite. Who help us. Some are not even possible by campaign. But possible other way too. ofcourse involve massive money too. Budget based on budget we will do.

Compare Top competitor Situation

Paid Marketing Strategy

While comparing clearly see How many page fam properties did. And not only that . how they spend time to make 62k page. Control the site. And no slow at all. That exactly Real Pearl Site will be similar. Ofcourse they input lot of idea . spend time or landing page. As we also see Google ranking more than 8000+ keyword. But yea its involve massive budget. Network. Employee too. However based on Company budget we should try day by day effort.

Youtube : anyone can make video so where is the challenge. Reach challenge. Fake view or subscribe not work. It will delete or suspend by facebook. Even you make 600+ video. You will see no reach. We have a network of vip elite. Who help us. Some are not even possible by campaign. But possible other way too.

Paid Marketing Campaign 
• Maximum Audience reach in facebook, google ads,Bing ad(if want) other various ad based on budget.
• Campaign Setup, Best recommended Settings & Budget Multiple keywords research,Structuring campaign to reflect products/services and markets with the creation of at least few relevant ad groups for specific ad and specific page.
• details current situation analysis based on leading competitors
• Improve details way as possible based on budget.reduce cost, fraud click analysis, protection fraud clicks. Reduce click cost. Best optimization ongoing .multiple ad creative creation. Various ad campaign performance analysis.
• Message ad, Mail ad as need, text, display, image, video , side show whatever ad creation.

Review Monitoring/Campaign Performance Optimization
• Daily monitoring of Tracking conversions at the individual keyword level. (where conversion tracking is enabled).
• Ongoing campaign budget management based on result
• Try to deliver exact keyword clicks rather than random search.
• Campaign Multiple way optimization
• Ongoing keyword bid optimization, score,ranked based optimization, performance based bid optimization.
• Highest fraud protection as possible , Fraud Click research and prevent, ip fraud even optimize as need
• Ongoing corrective action for any Ad issues, error fixing if any
• Critical thinking negative keyword. Negative keyword optimization
• Traffic Details Research by various way, including Google analytics, Google webmaster, Google data studio and third party tracking as need, Review manual fraud
• Google Shopping ad optimization (real estate project purpose sample show next meeting)
• Reduced cost per click based on campaign performance
•More quality clicks for Most possible conversions,
•Focus Keywords on Value and Savings
•Avoid paying higher costs
•Optimize exactly what competitor doing in their adwords
•Ad rank Improvement, Ad position Improvement,


Traffic analysis and tracking
• Analysis traffic, filter out understand quality visitor, and optimize that method. Phone conversion, website conversion, news letter or if any subscription conversion, Lead tracking, Lead Naturality
• Advanced tracking like google tag manager, button trackings, clicks or call tracking, Navigation tracking as need. Site hit tracking as need via third party tools.

Paid Campaign Reports
• Paid Campaign Report
• Competitor based ranking report
• Paid campaign all type of valuable report creation.


Website SEO Marketing Strategy

Website/Implement/Creative Thinking/
• Site Branding, Landing page improvement. idea Implement, Creative Idea, Competitor analysis, development Idea help developer for concept as need.
• User engagement, User friendly page development.
• Competitive Strategy whatever competitor doing.
• Tracking website details all way and suggestion recommendation.
• Team Management,Digital Marketing Leadership, Team work value analysis, Guidance, Support, Fake claim conversion Identify. Brain Storming Extremely details work and idea analysis.

Competitor Research based Link Building
• Need to find best opportunity links possible or impossible.
• Analysis strong competitor details links no matter paid or free links
• Advanced deep thesis linking where possible to do linking topic related even hard. Competitor Overview footprint collection for link building. Domain Metrics Analysis
• Business Profile, Company profile, related directory, Related local listing, Contribute based linking, Social Linking, Profile based linking, reach media, image based linking,
• Daily/Weekly competitors research and integration techniques and idea. Thinking better idea and implement with the site.

Business Analysis implementation
• Find out weak point based on competitor.
• Website implement based on audience interest
• Details current situation analysis based on leading competitors
• Improve details way as possible based on budget. User interface, Content Marketing, Follow up Competitor Content Marketing Strategy and better idea as possible.
• Team weekly work value check up, research, report to founder and fixing problem.

Backlinks analysis and Monitoring,tracking
• Need to analysis various ranking factor, analytics based site review and correction,
• While link building always monitoring backlinking
• Metrics based link building analysis not limited to a tools like spyfu, semrush,link research tools, majestic, moz, cognitive seo, raven etc tools,
• Link audit and protect from negative seo
• Testing verify linking and quality linking. Filter out a to z bad hidden, non indexing linking.

Content Marketing/Blogging/ concept
• Target keywords based blogging, various techniques content marketing concept provide as need.
• Sponsor content marketing, Press release, review content based on guideline. Monitor CopyScape avoid google penalty
• Newsworthy or editorial linking based on budget.
• Finding best content marketing way. And applied to the site.
• Free blogging, paid blogging, Sponsor Posting, Sponsor Review
• Advanced deep thesis linking where possible to do linking topic related even hard

Website Analysis
• Website Page Analysis and New Link Building based on Competitor
• Keyword Competition Analysis
• Keyword Research
• Keyword Analysis for Targeted Visitors

Website Optimization 
• High understanding Internal Linking and outbound linking, and monitoring algorithm based linking situation
• Details On-page Optimization
• Title Tag Optimization
• Meta Tags Optimization
• SEO Content Optimization
• Create Webmaster Accounts for Google and Yahoo(if needed),Bing any search engine related account as well.
• Robot analysis if any block index
• Broken link analysis and solve
• Details Business Profile,

Website Submission
• Sitemap Creation (HTML & XML)(if needed)
• Sitemap Submission (XML)(if needed)

Website Promotion
• High Quality Link building. Its not random linking. Its must be free or paid link from various source. Some are monthly some are one time depend on seo budget.
• Paid Links which are only analysis competitor links
• Press release based on competitor review.
• Any type of link building solution depend on competitor links
• depend on budget need paid links as well
• Multi Listing Sites Properties Listing based on competitors.
• Review existing all type of Profile and if necessary guide for make details profile what not yet done.
• Review existing Social media, Followers, Fan, suggestion and recommendation as need. Hash tag analysis if need.

Traffic analysis and tracking
• Analysis traffic, filter out understand quality visitor, and optimize that method.
• Advanced tracking like google tag manager, button tracking, clicks or call tracking,
• Lead Source Analysis multiple way

SEO Reports
• Keywords Ranking Reports
• Compare ranking report
• SEO Analytics – Google

SEO Maintenance

• Monthly Ranking Reports
• Optimization Reports, • Further Optimization
• Review Team progress, Guide as need