General vs High Quality Backlinks

We believe everyone knows what general Backlinks. Any people who said they are SEO specialist and you receive all free links which are a general Back link. Example: free blog site, free forum link. Facebook or social media link. Link firm. Pbn (private network blog) links. Free directory sites link. Some other links say general seo company owner buys several hundred sites their own and comes up with a link for you. You see live links. But it’s actually all is not trust site and which we mark as a general link.


Why require to buy high quality Backlink?

Extor has already researched a lot about high quality backlinks. Extor has a lot of experience with different types of client in the world. Extor observes, there are many clients trying to do SEO for several years and cannot do anything with SEO development. We got the reason is they hired a lot of General SEO specialist. However, actually, the general SEO specialist believes they are a real SEO specialist. Who provided free or pbn (private blog network)  for SEO development. Extor research that general SEO specialist or link builder sample back link. After that, we understand what type of linking it is spam or worthless back link. In this case, several years that company wastes their lot of money rather than genuine SEO progress. So Extor has received some job from the client even they have genuine SEO specialist and hired a lot of firms, but until today not yet a success for SEO progress. That is why you need to purchase high quality guaranteed links. Of course, 1 or 2 links never help you to give success. But at least you can see some Google algorithm improvement and ranking improvement.


Who is required to buy high quality links?

Who are really serious about their online business.
Also finally was unable to improve their SEO by any mean.
They hired employee or freelancer multiple times and never succeeded.
Who is extremely thinking their online business?
Who must have an aged domain? And now understand SEO reality.
Who is paying high budget, but no SEO improvement by their SEO specialist or freelancer?
Who hired from Fiverr or gig sites or freelance site, but no improvement
Who wants to generate a high-quality, lead by so long term process.
Who love to hear or need a consultant for a new site or aged site.


How many links do you need?

It bases on your budget per month. Also depending on how many keywords you want to rank, how many URL wants to rank for. Any high quality link can help your site improvement. Of course, the volume of link can allow you to purchase. Based on our experience, we see if you buy up to 100$ quality links per month. It can boost your ranking. If your website is new then you must need at least 15-20 links to start all over ranking improvement. If you have the highly competitive keyword. Then surely you need a high quality backlink. For example, we can provide you 50 trusts flow or domain authority site links. But that cost you a high price like 80-100$ per links. Any type of High-Quality we can provide based on your budget. Ours experienced to provide a client up to $10k per link. Because they have high competitive keyword and million traffic per month.


Is this link contributing to rank Google AdWords keyword?

Of course, why not. This link to them who already spends so much money for Google AdWords and still spending per month 100 to 1k $. This type of link can allow you to rank exact keyword which you receive from AdWords and cost you per clicks 3-5$ in the first-page display.

How you can reduce your PPC (Google AdWords) budget by linking.

Well, we find out we see we can rank exact keyword which keyword right now cost you per click higher in Google Adwords. So if you rank several important keywords that is charging you right now. You will save your PPC budget and invest more for SEO purpose.


Can you get me an example? How its work?

Simple. Check the screenshot. You will see everyone know them. A very big company right? For example, once upon a time, they were paying Google for up to 92 million dollars. However, now they are paying nothing.Because day by day they rank the exact keyword what Google charges them.

Adwords Cost Reduce


Common Question and Answer

I hired freelancer numerous times from upwork, Freelancer etc site. Nevertheless, do not see SEO solution.

Answer: Because most are never spending money for your seo development. For example, you are paying 100 to 300$ and not SEO improvement. You have to report seems good. Nonetheless, we know it is actually spam quality sites linking. No trust. That is the reason, if you have several million links those are not helpful. Another possibility most people are not a real SEO specialist, but they believe they are a SEO specialist. Actually, most people display their fake designation called SEO specialist.

I hired a local professional company, but until today do not see so valuable improvement.

Answer: There are several reasons it can be therefore possible. Maybe your site has a spam link.
May be your local company hiring some general, people from outsourcing market and until today makes a spam link for you.In this case, we can help you to review your link.

I know SEO but even after I cannot improve my company SEO development

Answer: There are several factors. You may know basic SEO or even depth so, but you cannot know the actual way yet. We research a lot of clients who believe they know the real seo. But they actually don’t know anything about seo. We argue with that client to understand them, what is seo? Of course, sometimes our job under risk. Nevertheless, we do not care.We just try to help. And our question about that company owner. If you know seo why you cannot improve your site quality?

I see each link are live, but why my seo ranking not good

Answer: One of the main reasons you link from some technical domain owned by that seo company. Suppose. You hired a company and they provide you a SEO report after weeks. But all those links are from their own company. They buy several domains and make linking for you. So if you continue for a decade that SEO never helps you. In this case, you need our links to.


I have lots of high authority website linking. But still no ranking. I believe some other issue rather than linking.

Answer: No. A site can be a very High quality. Does not it mean your link valuable? But yes, if you put the home page links then it can be useful. So try it. For example, we are posting on google. And why those links do not contribute to us? Because no quality linking. Nonetheless, let’s try to put your link on the google homepage. Ask to google to put your link on the home page:) see what will be happening. So based on the idea you may understand what we mean.

Extor Research a lot not just only for the small business owner but also research for a billion dollar company solution who wants to overcome their big competitor.