Web site link audit is a serious important matter for an online business owner who has an eCommerce website or service related website and wants to generate Sales and response. As we know many companies every day trying hard with Google AdWords or PPC network and can not get any response or generate the lead.even gettings click from the first page. We receive many questions from the client even they have a serious AdWords budget like $3-40k per month, not even enough sales generated by PPC. Even they have in-house SEO people who are working hard to generate a lead. And asking solution to Extor. Why, because no way to generate a lead. But their competitor also millionaire some are a billionaire. They hired several freelancers and third-party SEO services. No success at all. We have a solution for them. Of course, not an overnight solution. But if they keep continuing to improve their SEO strategy then that company surely generate a good response. However Extor research most company site quality and 90% site never understand link Quality. Who is linking to them? We advise to those companies, please learn real link audit before hiring any freelancer or SEO company.

Why link audit?

Link audit always important to rank your site in Google. The most company never care link audit.Google nowadays check site quality where you are linking. If the site is bad google mark the site as spam link building and down their site ranking from Google. We also know Google page rank is dead.That’s why link audit required to overcome your online business competitor.

Basic and quality link audit

There are two quality link audit services. One is basic quality link audit and another is high-quality link audit.

Basic quality link audit

This type of link audit you will receive from any freelancer or SEO Company in the world. Why, because they have never researched link audit. Just know the services because found some tutorial in online. And claim they know link audit. It’s all word of mouth marketing. And client believes they may really know it. But Extor observes and identify those link audit never help for any company who are taking their services.Extor hired such company and freelancer from every place to check the service quality. It’s all is a waste of money and time. Extor question to them how it’s possible just by a link audit tutorial? Is it really working? Question to the customer who are interested to take those link audit services by seeing their profile feedback. Let’s try your self find some tutorial from google about link audit and try to do your self see the improvement if work or not. Extor 100% sure you never understand. The similar way another freelancer or SEO Company also never understand that. Another question, who gives them a rating for link audit services. We are sure someone like you who has never had any idea regarding quality link audit is. So it is very difficult to know who are actually known real link audit. Of course, a quality researcher only understands their work. Otherwise, no way to judge a freelancer link audit service until seeing a sample audit report. It’s very basic not proven techniques. Extor research about quality link audit services and Extor can do it. Its need a serious type of Research to identify a site quality. There are billion domains in the world. How you know which site is good. Even who are know majestic, SEO Moz does not it mean they really understand link audit. The most reason it is too critical to know how google does the algorithm to detect a site quality. So based on our experience, we can ensure you 90% is not a real link audit whatever report you receive from a Freelancer.

High quality links audit
There are some company around the world who really know what is a high quality link audit. And this type of link audit they know really well. Also, it is too expensive for a small business owner to afford such services a month. They have a Ph.D. A researcher who understands it and solves a website. Extor did this type of work. And learn it years to years what is the reality in link audit. A link audit is not something very simple like SEO services. It’s a harder part of the SEO industry because of understanding required.

Why you may use Extor for link audit

Extor provides you the same type of services what high-quality audit provides by high-end SEO company. Just extor save your 50-90% link audit cost. Suppose you hired a professional link audit company. They may cost you $1-3k per month. Where Extor only charges you $200-300 a month.also Extor research a lot the link audit you need at least in a month like daily SEO work depend on your site quality and volume of links. And based on our link audit Services. Extor gives you guarantee your site algorithm will change what Google likes. Suppose an example good linking site in the screenshot

Example quality site extor

Extor Link audit Benefit

If Extor works for your site. Not just remove penalty, but also site automatic ranking lot of related keyword. We have proven technique and applied for many clients.

How you know a site quality good or bad.

We know there are a lot of research. However, give you some small idea. How you believe the site may be a bad site. But never depend only for a metric such as Majestic subscription. We do 10 step validation to understand the site is bulletproof quality. We combine all types of tools and own metrics in our research and ensure it is surely a bad site or good site. Here are the example bad sites.

Even google or someone advice it may be a good site and not a spam site. But we 100% sure this type of site are a bad site. keep in mind Google or Matt Cutt never explains about that secret. You can check the video which is very clear you never get the answer what he said

Extor first time tried all the way, what tutorial is explained regarding link audit. And we see the 90 % result are not right. Then we do our own thinking and sample links from Google, Facebook or Wikipedia and understand what’s going on the in link audit industry. It is also very difficult to find out quality links from online if you want to build your business reputation or want to rank large most profitable keyword list. As well as it is expensive.

Frequently asked questions

Can I or freelancer or SEO company even do it emergency purpose?

Answer : You can hire freelancer anytime. But after they did the work. Later you will understand the link audit job not yet done. Because of no quality ranking improvement after link audit.

You already hired someone for link audit and no improvement now you feel upset what you will do?

Our suggestion you should try our services. We have a guarantee if the link audit not works We have a money refund guarantee. But it also depends if you have fewer quality links after disavowing bad links. May your site will not rank until you do few backlink monthly basis.

Why no improvement after I did link audit with some other company?
Answer: There are two reasonable possibilities. First, one may be real link audit not yet done. They disavow good sites which need to keep safe. Also, they may don’t know actual link audit.

Any problem if wrong link audit?
Answer: yes, if the wrong link audit was done. Google keeps ranking down your site. it is possible 50% more traffic will down. Site algorithm penalty possibilities.

What is site algorithm penalty?
Answer: Site algorithm penalty is a penalty where you can not do anything expect quality linking. We understand it’s even showing safe linking, but you cannot improve the site anymore.

Why do you think my site algorithm penalty?
Answer: Because you can not improve ranking anymore. You can not bet your competitor. Check your competitor site trust and your site trust. It has a far different.

Do you have any overnight link audit solution?
Answer: No. Because it’s not something possible to do very quickly. In our understanding its take lot of time to find out real good or bad sites.

Is it possible Extor find my hidden bad links.
Answer: yes we can figure out any type of hidden backlink and disavow correctly.

I do not care bad links audit I believe my site is fine?
Answer: sure keep it like this.google take the action day by day. Sooner or later you will see the penalty.

What is a silent penalty?
Answer: Google never says you have bad links. In fact, Extor knows it is a bad link. Even the site safe from link scheme.

Is Extor solve google index problem due to algorithm penalty?
Answer: yes Extor can solve google index problem and correctly index your website to google again after solving bad links.

I already have several link audit subscriptions. And I believe my site should not have any penalty. Do I still need your services?
Answer: Yes. Because we check all link audit services examples. monitorbacklinks.com, majestic, SEO Moz, link research tool. Domain authority, DA pa, trust flow, citation flow, etc. There is no exact answer what’s going on. Those services are based on their user experience only. We used those all services. And seems its not work for us. So it should same for your site.

Why and how Extor know this type of bad links?
Answer: Extor with some company, SEO consultant where they have a million visitors per month and keep growing. And based on our proven, experienced we know it.

Is Private Network Blog (PBN) network site safe?
Answer: no. It’s also depend on the site quality. What quality the site is. How they are linked and what they are linking we need to check then we can say. But most of the PBN sites are not a quality site. Because a quality must need to spend quality money. But Pbn site is actually bought some domain and use a website, theme or WordPress site to make the site. Well, this way there is no way to make a site high end quality or trust.

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