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We are a small, dynamic and highly experienced Professional Seo Services Provider and Internet marketing company offering Special online marketing services to Global Business
If you have tried and failed with other online marketing companies, we are sure you will find us and the way we work a refreshing change!Extor is a extensive Seo Development company.Our multi talent research bring your business faster.

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Extor Team can help you to improve your business by any mean. We have certified & Millionaire company proven experienced seo specialist who will work for you and maintain all of your job ensure quality and Maximum ROI.You will satisfied with our every step for your business.Our Highest effort for your Maximum success result we can deliver for your business.We  always work hard for your success. Our research based effort will successfully return your Investment, Exor help our client to grow their business with best secret techniques Long term investment only guaranteed result.

  • Exceptional R & D Team
  • Success to largest company
  • Track your competitor secret who they grow
  • Large team around 100 in team
  • SEO analyst team
  • Affordable Cost
  • Special Development center
  • Thesis Specialist to find a solution
  • Certified SEO Specialist
  • Professional PPC specialist
  • High experienced Talent
  • Guaranteed success
  • Understand Local Business

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Our Best improvement project which help interested client to understand our business process  and success. How we can help to grow a Company by SEO/SEM/PPC/SMM and increase their ROI.Each Company who are doing long term work with us. They are not just satisfied Serious satisfied.


Who we are & what we do

Branding - 10 years 95%
Reputation Management - 10 years 95%
SEO - 8 years 90%
SEM - 8 years 80%
PPC - 6 years 85%
SMM - 8 years 85%
Consulting - 8 years 80%
Competitor Research - 5 years 70%
Link Audit - 3 years 50%

We have more than 8 years experienced in SEO Development. We have creative seo specialist who have vast experienced and certified from any type of freelancer sites. not only that we have millionaire company seo specialist who worked for USA Local software company more than 2 years. So they know how to grow a business by Competitor Research. Our specially not just general seo, link building but also serious about competitor, market, Link audit,Track competitor each details such as traffic,High quality backlink, organic traffic,keyword, each page and each details what are they doing in details source and traffic value.we do not use just a random seo tool for Client seo development. We used international standard analytics software and High end technology to research Competitor.We use api solution to research unlimited quality links. So Our ranking improvement guaranteed. We worked for those company who really looking for Real seo development gradually  improvement not just spike growth and understand seo due to their high adwords cost. Our company have ability to reduce adwords cost by seo process up to 3000-5000$ per month . not just ranked 1 or 2 keyword but also ranked more than 100+ keyword based on client budget.We will show the verified improvement by google webmaster. Our Seo success even blow away some 10-20 years strong market competitor online competitor.Our one of the best specialist link audit. so by any mean you never ban by google. if you use our seo services your sites always protect from bad links. So any search engine give your site top priority.So We are guaranteed and proven about our seo services and skilled.

We understand High Quality SEM Solution for our client. we know how to ranking your most favorite keyword in Google which cost you lot of money by google adwords per click. So our long SEM process can help you to convert clicks into sales without adwords.Our specialist in content marketing.we can spy our competitor each step what they are doing in online and what they do. So we follow the same step what they are doing and easily improve client keyword ranking. We use some high quality paid SEM tool and our own manual method to see competitor. Our long term SEM process help you to ranked up to 5000-10000+ keyword in Google various position but keep in mind its not just for 1-3 month must be month to year. A full time seo effort we can reach your target audience and get free adwords clicks without adwords cost. For example you run a seo company and pay to google for the keyword  ” SEO Company usa” per click 15-20$ in first position. We can reduce it by our sem process. So We have high quality opportunity for them who have adwords budget more than 1-3k  up to 500k a month. Our proven success SEM process help some client who have adwords cost $15-39k a month. and they reduce the budget to 5-10k a month. Because We can improve their organic traffic guaranteed way.  Please look our portfolio help to understand our sem process.

We have proven experienced in PPC. ability to handle million dollar budget ppc campaign with highest conversion and reduce conversion cost. highest potential clicks & response, lowest cost as possible. our conversion rate average 3-7%. Based on competitor tracking we can achieve good result without setup a idea based campaign. we can ensure and guaranteed our ppc campaign for your business success.This is our proven method including creative ad creation. Our creative director research High end eye catching ad for your campaign. He can create different type of ad for different source of client. Our dedicated PPC Specialist always take care and research competitor and provide the right ad campaign for your sites.Even our company worked with some client who numerous times disappointed with freelancer ppc campaign. and give us chance and see the proven improvement and continue invest in ppc campaign.

  • Quality in every detail
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Creative ad creation
  • conversion optimization
  • lowest bid highest potential click
  • unwanted click protection
  • Dedicated account Manager
  • Guaranteed PPC Response & increase sales.

Our Social media specialist can help you to define right strategy for your social media marketing success. We know  everyone know social media. But 99% people never success with social media because the lacking of competitor research.  Based on right competitor tracking We will find exact lacking for your sites and help you to grow social media activity which help for seo too such as google quick index page. real followers, real people will ask you for your product and services. as a long term social media services. you will make a great viral marketing solution which help to sales your product and services. We spend good time to research your sites competitor. Our services 100% helpful for seo and other related site improvement and ROI.



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The State University of New York
Penn University of Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Harvard University

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