Google Pay-per-Click AdWords Setup – 550$

 Get your Google pay-per-click advertising Campaign set up by one of our
Google AdWords professional specialists.
What you get:

  • 4+ hours of expert Pay-Per-Click advice
  • Setup of your Google AdWords account
  • Setup of your first AdWords Campaign
  • Multiple keywords researched for your business
  • Structuring your campaign to reflect your products and markets with the creation of at least three ad groups.

  • Creation of Ads that generate business
  • Optimized keyword bidding strategies
  • Delivery of visitors to specific product pages
  • Strategies for when to best display your ads
  • Ads that display at most profitable times
  • Helpful email support
  • Helpful support by phone during office hours

Clients will be responsible for paying the pay-per-click costs directly to Google
(setup by Direct Debit or Credit Cards).

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