As we know now a days every Celebrity Social Media Marketing Needs for Film and Media Industry Show off career. There are local, National or International Celebrity. Some are small some are big. However who is already having a good local career but cannot improve their followers, page like, post reach they must need to take care that.


Celebrity Social Media Marketing


What is Celebrity Social Media Marketing

We know there are many celebrities do not believe they need social media marketing nor try to understand what is Social Media Marketing. But interesting thing they are making a good career in local or International place somehow. But after creating their Facebook or fan page they believe it will grow automatically. But reality it has never grown automatically. They need to invest money to reach their audience. It can be Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram. This is very important for their career purpose in the digital age. A Director can respond if they have quality profile and Million followers or fan page. In this case they get a big job offer or opportunity. We talk with a lot of celebrities and we know they believe it is something free work. No need money investment or very easy if you share a post or ask someone to like their page. Then We have a question to that celebrity how many people you will ask for your fan page like? 100 or 200 or 5000 . But a celebrity needs more than million like. Which is one kind of impossible matter to do by asking like or share. Even you ask several years you cannot grow. We research a lot specially fan Artist page. It’s their one kind of lacking to understand the reality of the real marketing. Do you ever know even Hollywood or Bollywood Celebrity spends their money to improve their followers or fan page! Similarly, you need to start doing for profile or fan page.


How Extor will improve Celebrity Social Media Marketing strategy


There is only way you have to analysis your competitor. You don’t need to understand a lot if you hire us. But at least basic try to understand to stay with us.We see there are many celebrities have done TVC (TV Commercial), Film or many other works. They understand competitor if a girl or boy better than them. Then they try to follow the girl or boy. Similarly, you have to follow your immediate big competitor who is doing well.Similarly, you must need to understand your career marketing. It’s not something free or a gift from someone. It is challenging to show your creativity and career life. Extor will research for your best social media marketing strategy. We know how to make any celebrity big with social media marketing. Based on your investment we will help you to grow day by day.


What type of research Extor does for Celebrity Social Media Marketing


Extor research A to Z to make you big. The example you are capturing many photos and post many non quality photos. Which decreases your ranking or quality. Because Director, Research what an actor or actress know. How they think about their fashion and style. But Extor have a creative sense of people who work with Hollywood film development understand high end photo and Film development. So somehow Extor know which photo or video can help you to grow target Audience. We research best audience based on your career. And improve your social media solution. For example, you are TVC((TV Commercial) actor or actress and interested about only cloth or fashion advertising. Then Extor try to find the best target area people who are really interested only for the fashion industry related. No funny or general TVC(TV Commercial).


Does Target Audience Really matter for Celebrity Social Media Marketing


Our research shows who is a great actor and actress they do target social media marketing. Example: you are Local celebrity, but you get like from international who never know you. In this case your post reach will be under trouble. So even they like your page. They cannot share Your Page or nor interested to refer someone. So it is impossible to reach good audience. Or no interested about your topics.Give me an example target Social Media Marketing for a Celebrity A target marketing example: you are a local celebrity. Someone who really likes TVC and always spends time watching TVC. They like your page and share for their relevant Friends or reference relevant person.


What is the Specialty to Hire Extor


Extor have highly experienced regarding Celebrity Social media Marketing. We worked with Hollywood Celebrity who work in the music industry or the film industry. Then we research for them. So we have a real idea how we will grow up a Celebrity fan page. We will research the target audience about your fan page improvement. We will set up a creative marketing plan. In this case your every post will reach around the world target audience.your post and fan page will share and like grow rapidly. So if you even not yet so big celebrity still we can solve the issue. We are ensuring many other social marketing or internet marketing providers can not do like us. We have up to date knowledge and techniques to reach million audience day by day.