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What happens to your brain as you age

Common sense questions for scientists and researchers. Scientists say there are 100 billion neurons. So question is, does the brain have billions of data centers? That scientist will say yes, it has a data center! Then another question: Facebook or Google data center? A $3 billion data center in the world. China is part of the Mongolia…


The No. 1 skill you need to ‘win every argument,’ says public speaking expert: ‘Few people have it

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/02/the-no-1-skill-you-need-to-win-every-argument-says-public-speaking-expert-few-people-have-it.html That I always do. But you know i meet with million people from child hood super professional so understand any one activity. plus that activity show what you are doing how well you will do in next few years. Lot of founder lot of technologist hiring person, HR, Business Development, Vice President , Founder,…


When Interview in Circus/Joke

Everyone Love Interview call email right! wow I got an invitation? But do you know I am some type of person reject few hundred even thousand company invitation. No matter who is this. Yea Previous time did in Business bay too. But Now did another company in Business Bay even well reputed place building. I…