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As of 2017, over 2 billion people use Facebook. To put this into perspective, that is a little over one-quarter of the world population (which comes out to 7.6 billion people, more or less).

Needless to say, this is a huge social platform, let alone marketing opportunity. To make the most of it, read on to learn how to make your Facebook ads stand out…for the right reasons.

1. Design Based on Your Target Audience

Running a successful Facebook ad campaign has more to do than just paying and placing some product images on Facebook. According to Forbes, one key reason to acing Facebook ads is to (always) consider who they are for. In other words, your target audience.

What does your target audience look to do in their spare time? How old are they? Where do they live? How much money do they make? Are they women? Are they men? How do they consume information? What are their pain points?

This can’t be said enough: study, study, study your target audience. Read studies. Run studies. Personally talk to your target audience. Elicit feedback from them.

You want to get as much information as possible about what makes them tick. That way, you can not only design a better Facebook ad, but adjust your product or service to better fit their needs.

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2. Yes, Gender and Color Do Matter

According to Entrepreneur, while both genders prefer blue above other colors, there are some color discrepancies.

In general, women prefer colors with white shades, tints, and hues. Think powder blue, powder green, powder purple, you name it.

On the other hand, men prefer colors with black shades, tints, and hues. So, dark blue, dark green, dark purple, etc.

While people’s choice in products or services has more to do than just color, let alone their gender, the study goes to show that color can (and does) impact preference. Consider this when designing your Facebook ad.

And, know that color, as a whole, does matter. Take the first Hyatt hotel in Chicago, which ultimately failed. A potential reason why it wasn’t a success has to do with its color: purple.

Yes, some people did love the color and there may be more to do with the flop than the secondary color but it goes to show that color doe play some (and yes, an important) part in sales.

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3. Don’t Randomly Place Facebook Ads

Facebook gives five different placement options: Right column ad placement on the homepage, right column ad placement not on the home page, mobile news feed placement, mobile apps placement, and desktop news feed.

Needless to say, choosing the right placement option can be confusing at best and overwhelming at worst. The good example of good facebook marketing is Princess Royale hotel in Maryland.

To help you determine the right Facebook ad placement, according to Adweek, three years ago, newsfeed ad placements had the highest click through rate. Nonetheless, mobile placement options may be more preferable since, in 2014, they often had the lowest cost per click.

Still, what you do need to consider is the rising use of mobile phones, and what that might mean for Facebook ads. Mobile commerce sales have gone up from 136.3 million (in 2016) to 156 billion this year.

Final Thoughts

Facebook garners billions of users worldwide. Whether you are Stratos Jet Charters, Inc., Hershey’s, or a Mom & Pop store, marketers alike can leverage this by designing and placing Facebook ads.

Color and knowing your target audience are key elements in designing the right ad, let alone choosing the best placement option. What other design tricks and tips do you have? Leave a comment.

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