About client & task

SEO/SEM/PPC/SMM to improve Organic Clicks & ROI

Greenlite Medicine – A weight loss training program company who can help you to lose weight.

The task was:
  • Collaborate with team members to develop primary keywords and ad audience targets

  • Create multiple campaigns and manage traffic, customer acquisition and conversion through the channel

  • Create and present reports covering analytics and campaign performance

  • Seo Development

  • Link audit

  • Organic traffic improvement

  • Competitor Tracking

After failed to improve their ranking position greenlite ceo hired us. we worked hard to improve their organic traffic. before started their position really bad. after we research and analysis their competitor online visibility and start seo. bad links audit. and other works. then its great position Daily received 35-45 clicks a day from google organic. where their previous organic traffic from google only 15-20 per day. Also We ranked lot of quality keyword such as weight loss program, medical weight loss and more which adwords per click cost in first position 5-9$. So This is how we move forward more than 1 years. We also improve their conversion rate in google adwords and ppc. create unique competitive ad and images ad. Look our gallery for details screenshot.



SEO – 8 years
SEM – 8 years
SMM – 7 years
PPC – 6 years
Link Audit – 6 years
Competitor Research – 6 years