Extor is an extensively knowledgeable SEO firm. We know thousand of SEO firm in online. But based on Extor research we found thousand of SEO firms never know anything. they only know free backlinks, spam link building, directory submission.blog submission. But SEO not only that SEO need out of box thinking. Most USA client never tries to understand anything about SEO company  before hiring them. after they hire a SEO Firms then understand later what services he get from the company. If you have any online business then you must have to learn what is SEO. NO one in the digital world unknown about SEO.

What is SEO Firms?

SEO Firms Exactly the company who will always think about your business development. they always learn to make your site quality higher ranking in a difficult keyword. Maybe you already have Google Adwords or any PPC campaign. its may cost you monthly 100-1k $. But an SEO Firms can provide you same traffic with a minimum service charge. depend on your budget. SEO company ranks your website in the same keyword where Google charging per clicks. of course, it has no tricks or shortcut way. the real way SEO firms will work for your site and ranked your most valuable keyword day by day. for example, you have a Currency Exchange site where you offer bitcoin exchange. where you want to get people who want to exchange bitcoin for some other currency. and your AdWords running the keyword Bitcoin. the keyword per click cost in Google $0.55. so if you get 500 clicks it easily cost you $275$. it’s only when you paid or until your money end. But an SEO firm analysis the keyword and understand your cost. and invest money for right SEO development. and ranked your keyword called bitcoin. so, in this case, you get complete free traffic in the keyword. you must see in Google analytics and webmaster to avoid fake traffic drive by some SEO firms.


SEO Firms

How to understand Good Quality SEO firms?

They must have proven marketing experienced with local and International.
They must have portfolio
They must have a quality blog. (not copy paste content or common content)
They must have creative content. idea.
Good response as soon you email them.
Must have proven certification or Salary Certificate
Always active and provide your any question answers.
Their site must have quality information for their client.
Most important is They must have online visibility.

What Seo Firms Do even you have freelancer or assistant?

Seo Firms do something different than a freelancer or your assistant. your assistant will follow you online. But SEO firms do not need your suggestion expect keyword selection review. SEO firm knows what they will do for your website. never wait for your suggestion. as soon you subscribe to them. they will start site audit. link audit. on site and off site audit. then start relevant linking building blogging, competitor research and more

A freelancer also same. they are freelancer not a group of teamwork. Most freelancers do not research what they are doing. but SEO firms always research what they are doing.and showing the right way for client SEO development.


Why Extor Seo Firms?

Extor is the company who do not hide anything to their customer. They are always showing advanced details for a company SEO development purpose.
Extor always has extensive research ability and research for client no matter what client SEO development budget.
Extor finds Best solution for the only client.
Extor does prove work what Extor did for other company for the long term based.
Extor has serious work experienced with billion dollar company SEO development.
Extor will show you something different what you never heard from other company.

What is the difference with Extor and other Company?

Other company Very slow response. But Extor not
Other Company Hide lot of thing from a client. Extor not
Example: Extor will show right and competitive keyword to the client. But the most company never show you or help you to understand right keyword and SEO development.
Extor will do competitor research. Other company never do competitor research.
Most companies don’t know what they are doing. But Extor knows what they are doing and understand client goal. not matter the local or international company.

Most Common Question and Answer:

I have an assistant for several years. work with me for SEO development how Extor can help me?
Answer: well you have an assistant. they only take your given task. But Extor no needs anything from you expect some suggestion.

I hired a freelancer and never see any ranking improvement?

Answer: Because your freelancer never tries right way. or your freelancer does not research enough to develop your site ranking. We many clients who hired several freelancers after that start work with us and work long term basis. We ranked more than 50-500 keyword during the relationship with us.

you do not want to listen to anything for SEO. just want to rank huge keyword within a short time with SEO Firms.

Answer: SEO firms do not take your job. or if even take your job do fake techniques. there is no shortcut SEO development strategy which helps to rank your site over night.

We need huge traffic no matter where the traffic from.

Answer: you can buy traffic. But SEO firm never offers such incentive traffic. Seo firms can not provide you bad traffic.

if you have any other questions regarding anything related to this topic. simple email us.

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