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Defaming comments, negative reviews, and other such concerns always pose a serious threat to organizations, and this is where online reputation management (ORM) comes into the picture. There are literally billions of websites out there all competing for the attention, time or hard earned cash of Internet users, so how can you help ensure that the right kind of users visit your website, consult the information you offer, buy your product, or take up your services in the face of often stifling online competition? There are thousands of SEO companies trading online today, all of which will claim to be able to gain you top rankings for your website. However, the cost of hiring in a professional Search Engine Optimization firm can be costly and can prove to be prohibitively expensive for many website owners.


The growth of SEO as an industry is founded on its success in achieving what it sets out to do – that is to improve search engine visibility – and this success is itself based on tried and tested methods and practices that have proven to be extremely effective in improving search engine visibility. Moreover, this expense can be avoided as many of the methods and practices employed by SEO firms can be easily learned.

With this in mind, this course aims to give you all you need to know in order to either enable you to optimise your own website or become proficient in SEO techniques. By completing the course, you will gain a good insight into the fundamental methods of Search Engine optimization and will be able to carry out your own SEO campaign. There are numerous free articles available online that claim to explain various aspects of the SEO process.

We wrote this course in response to not only an emerging demand on the part of web-designers and site owners to learn how to optimise their web pages, but also in response to the kind of SEO tutorials and courses currently available to such individuals. The principles outlined in this course are applicable to ALL websites even if the ‘product’ you offer is simply a service or free information.

However, the world of SEO changes rapidly, meaning that such material is often out of date or erroneous, and what advice exists is often piecemeal, meaning that you do not learn effective knowledge of Search Engine Optimization in a systematic or holistic fashion. Although these books are often updated to reflect changes in search engine technology, we find that they tend to speak to fellow SEO professionals rather than SEO beginners and they often take an ‘anecdotal’ approach to the subject rather than presenting it in a simple, systematic and progressive manner.

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