What is the difference our SEO services

There are a lot of differences with Extor. Main difference no one works for millionaire company, SEO development. Extor is the Company worked for millionaire company SEO Development. And Successfully improved their SEO development as long-term basis Professional Certified Internet Marketing expert working for their clients. Extor all time research for best SEO strategy and keep in touch with Latest update. Extor is a Best Internet Marketing company. Our SEO services best and well known around the world. We help more than 500+ local client in their real SEO development. We stay with a client long-term basis term basis until out of their budget. Our services best the reason we spend much time to learn and understanding quality internet marketing. How big a company such as Google, Facebook,Yahoo is doing online marketing. We do not only find some tutorial in an online and learn from that. However, we know all those resources. Those are the almost worthless resource. We saw many great tutorials, but after we saw that tutorial We can ensure you will waste your time. There are a lot of clients hire us to follow that SEO tutorial we do everything and nothing working for them. After that, we help them to learn real SEO strategy. And until today we are continuing their SEO services. So based on a budget our SEO services work for every website owner. We just do not provide SEO services to any new client until they understand our real SEO strategy. We do not take a lot of jobs. We only work with a selected clients who wants to understand and learn SEO to improve their business.


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Is there any difference with Extor vs Freelancer?

There are a thousand types of thing difference with a freelancer. Why we have great freelancer experienced. We hired people too to learn them. We see most people don’t have real knowledge of SEO. Just now on page , off page, but not thinking out of the box. The reality is They never do any research for you. in my option on page and general off page, anyone can do who is a student in the standard 3 class. So nothing exclusive. It’s very basic work. Freelancer never ever researches how to google big nowadays. We ensure you they never do it. They are looking for money bid for many clients’ projects. But Extor never seeking any client until a client finally closes their project.  Extor works for reputation. The freelancer has never worked for reputation. They never keep you remembered. We remember each and every client and their data. We got a lot of complaints regarding freelancer. Many clients said they are asking a few month ago data. Freelancer people said they already remove that data why because your contract ends a long time ago. Well, it’s never happening with Extor. We understand creativity, quality, respect each client for long term relationship. Seriously, if anyone thinking freelancer better. You are most welcome , First hire freelancer spends few months. After you failed just come to us.

Who can take Our SEO services?

Who already hired someone and had bad experienced in SEO and no improvement at all. Who tries to understand and hear from an expert? Who has Big AdWords budget? High AdWords costing each month. For example, a company has $10-50k AdWords budget.They can take our SEO services. Because they already know how many clicks they receive per month with spending $10 to 50k. The same traffic we can provide our SEO services with a minimum budget from AdWords.  Who always work hard to improve their online business? Don’t mind investing, invest money in learning real marketing strategy. Willing to invest long term money in SEO development to get a higher ROI.

Who can not take our services?

Who doesn’t want to learn anything? just want to do ranking, not even understand how their competitor doing. Who are interested in rank overnight. For example : if you want 50+ keyword ranking in 1 month within 100$. But your site now. It’s all wrong ideas. if someone gives you promise and take a job that’s really nice to waste your money without showing anything. So don’t waste money that way. We get lots of invitation even we denied to work for the millionaire company when they disagree to understand it. Believe it or not. Until today they can not do anything for their business expect traditional marketing,trade show, etc. Those people can not take our services who just bid a job and want to work with us. we need only company owner. if we understand it is not your company sorry to say we can not take your SEO project. expect you have quality understand for SEO development.

Why a company take our SEO services?

Because we are real experienced in the industry. We are not just working with client direction, but also our own proven way to show you 100% improvement. We have guaranteed money refund policy if you can show our fault. We do not make any excuse for the client. Help them to understand much more information. Help them to learn and understanding their business competitor. How business competitor now in great position.  We provide each and every question’s answer to clients instantly. We are always active. We heard client message first before doing anything. We understand client tone. We know there are many company works for you without help you to understand better. Well, this is not our way. We are freedom, helping people. If you can do your job. That is great. We have no problem at all. But after you do everything and failed simply come to us. We are here to help your business. Research for yourself. We get a lot of clients who seriously failed to do internet marketing with another company on a long-term basis. We have great research history.  There are a lot of tricks and cheating ongoing in the industry when we grow our company we learn all that. So that is the reason you need an honest, expert who can help you to improve in any way and move faster your online business. Surely it is not overnight.

Why Need minimum budget?

Because based on our research we found there is no free SEO. Which means if you thinking to do free link building, blog comment, blog post, directory submission, well, it’s all just a waste of time. You will understand it after hiring some people from freelancers. So we spend huge time to learn that and make a great network for any industry link building, a lot of quality network with us. Who has high authority website? In this case, we saw how they make their business and make million traffic per month . It’s all about link building with high authority sites. You can not make that type of site linking freeway or no option to post something. In this case, we need a minimum budget. We must provide you work report. That minimum budget helps you to get month by month quality links.

So after we explain all the way details you surely understand who we are what we can do for you. if you have a true business and interested to start. We can start long term relationship until your company has a great reputation in online. if you need any question question feel free to contact us.

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