Why Need Small business Internet Marketing?
A small business owner has only option internet marketing. We understand they get some people from various sources and generate some sales. But that does not mean they grow a lot from various sources. So the small business owner needs a solution to drive traffic to their websites. They surely need a website. If they do not have a great website. After having a good website. They need to invest in internet marketing. With small budget internet marketing. They can generate great page view and clicks. Which helps their client to understand their business. Internet marketing actually helps for brand awareness.

Why need research for small business Internet marketing?
Extor research regarding small business internet marketing. Extor knows how it is seriously important for a small business owner. A small business owner most time really busy to do their own thing. Can not hire high paying internet marketing expert, but they want to grow their business. So we research each step how we can improve small business internet marketing with minimum budget and quality effort. Generally, we suggest a small business owner start with PPC or paid advertising. Why PPC? The reason PPC only the way small business owner gets a quick lead or response. They get an idea how much they spend for the lead or response. And do the modification as need based on customer feedback. Then they can reduce PPC investment cost of SEO/SEM/Social Media Marketing. Most time we follow quality company who grows slowly. What we see they spend money not for 1 or 2-month. Must be a long term commitment. And generate a quality lead they can start Facebook advertising, social media marketing, SEO, them and other things.



Why SEO,SEM Social Media Marketing?
When you invest money in paid advertising, it’s really costing to continue. After we know the actual keyword generates sales. In this case, we have to do SEO. With SEO, you will get the same type of traffic. But yes SEO need long term investment. Not only that. For example, You invest 300$ a month for paid advertising (Facebook ad, google Adwords, bing ad) in this case you get low click say 200 clicks a month. Which does not help? But if you paid 300$ continue for SEO with us. You will get 500-1000+ organic clicks day by day. In this case your paid advertising budget will be reduced. With your 300$ paid advertising budget, you never get 1000+ organic clicks. If you want that advertising cost must be 1000$.

So if you understand everything. You can hire Extor Internet Marketing Expert. The reason Extor do not just work for money. But also Extor want to help the small business owner. We want small business owner should understand their business model and grow slowly. Day by day their business will be Next Level.

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