Hydeaway – Luxury SPA Company SEO project

Hydeawayspa -A Luxurious spa company.HydeAway’s safe, natural, customized care:A responsible choice in your commitment to a healthy, natural, beautiful you!

The task was:
  • Competitor Research analysis.

  • Ranking analysis and improvement.

  • Link analysis and find out solution.

  • Site Google index problem identification and Solution.

  • Google ad words ad creation, image ad creation and performance optimization.

  • Increase traffic and improvement.

  • Link building.

  • SEO Complete solution.

Unique solution:

Challenge :

After 4 years existing Canadian seo company fail to improve client site quality and business then hired us. We get the site without index google any page. so there is a great challenge for us. after we research and analysis their competitor and so show them the solution and index google pages then get full time job offer for 1 years. and improve their site organic traffic and quality sales. based on long term seo they get 500-700 organic clicks. which clicks value per month around 2.5-7$ in first page google adwords display or search.


Solution : We spend long time for competitor research, each links, each domain condition, domain quality, domain age, domain authority, lacking, strategy development, Competitor details tracking, Traffic ranking, social media campaign tracking, visibility , keyword and many more thing. So after all we get successful solution for client. more than 100 keywords come to ranking not just target keyword but also automatically ranked high quality various keyword.

Note :

People don’t understand seo business. thats not our fault. they are down due to their own policy. But as long they are doing with us thats our result.  or later if you don’t see the result the reason is they are not following our way. may their own way. We are responsible as long with us.

Skills used

SEO – 8 years
SE M – 8 years
SM M – 7 years
PP C – 6 years
Link Audit – 6 years
Competitor Research – 6 years

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