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The client is leading in internet-based business solutions for retail petroleum, where Sap Number is the one partner.
Marketplace C-Store Office retailers use back office software and Fuel-Central.
For jobbers and dealers, fuel distribution management systems provide complete vertical integration

They have a high budget, and their ads cost around 10-39k dollars per month. They get traffic but have low conversion rates. The quality of their organic traffic is lower. A 10 year old company uses many methods for SEO. But they always fail to improve their targeted keywords, which generate sales for them. Even North American Company failed to improve their money. It’s not a problem.

Reducing their advertising costs is a significant challenge for us. And they need to rank only targeted keywords that have generated sales for them for several years in AdWords. They know the keywords that are expensive per click cost in the first position, costing $5-10. They give us time but the keyword is really competitive with competitors such as, Agksoft, and many other big companies. After hiring us, we saw a 3 month improvement. A few quality keywords also rank for their sites in the top position on Google. and willing to continue for some serious high-quality keywords such as inventory software and store software, which ads cost between 15-20$ per click on the first page. So I want to rank those keywords. After researching their competitors with a lot of tracking and tools, we were able to rank their store software keyword on the first page of Google using a combination of research techniques.


More than 16 high-quality organic keywords came to rank, which exact cost them in Google Adwords based on their competitor research and follow-up on their competitor’s online activities. We found their secret strategy and went by it, resulting in success in ranking those difficult keywords. We also help team management, non-knowledgeable SEO managers, IT, and content marketing teams with tool concepts. Help SEO understand competitor research. Pathway for tracking keywords. Research on cyrical links and other related topics.

Client: Petrosoft Inc Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Task: SEO,PPC,Organic Traffic Improvement, Link building, Competitor Research

Creative Researcher: Extor

SEO Specialist: Kazi Jakaria