Client: D Asia Travels Sdn. Bhd

Task: Complete Internet Marketing solution in seo development. Competitor Research, Link Audit, Social Media marketing, Organic keyword ranking. Improve organic clicks,Link building, Google webmaster maintenance, Server and Hosting Maintenance.SEO Strategy Development. Twitter Real followers improvement.

Head of Internet Marketing: Extor

SEO Specialist: Kazi Jakaria

Its a Travel Company in Malaysia. This company site established on 2011. for long term they tried with seo but nothing working. they also have 9 full time social media workers. however don’t trust online also. after give us job with start 100$. then see great improvement ongoing with in 3 month. and more than¬† 2000+ organic clicks where google per clicks charge for 5-8$ in first page display. So we are capable to improve their business and get long term job for continue development. after 6 month we did 5000 organic clicks from google.¬† 200 clicks average a day from google only. this site don’t have any other traffic source. thats mean 90% traffic coming from google only!


They hired many people previous time for seo. not even a single person never improve their site any more due to spam quality links.take payment and away from company. We fight with client to understand their real seo strategy. when they listen us. We start to overcome their competitor.



we research and analysis their sites and competitor sites who are strong more than 10 years build Malaysian travel and tour business. We follow their movement and do what we need to do based on their movement. after a long effort even with minimum budget we show them massive success

Improvement. Their business improve, inquiry and sales improvement. Company also big from their previous status.

Offer. Get 3 more sites for seo development with great budget. and ongoing. Get a offer for long time seo development including visa.


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