To gain an audience of 50 million people, it took radio 38 years, television – 13. Facebook got 200 million users in less than a year.

More than 82% of Internet users have accounts in social networks and sit in them (at least) two hours a day. Google ranked first in Europe in terms of popularity of social networks.

There is a growing number of users who come to the social sphere is not for communication, and for information, as well as businessmen who understand that social media – an effective marketing channel. If you want to promote the project through social network, familiarize yourself with four effective ways of promotion.
Content – a primary factor promoting

Any SMM specialist confirms: Without quality content promotion tools are useless. If a page of your brand is boring, you should not rely on the growth of its audience and loyalty.

The three components of good content:

Uniqueness. Information that you post must be relevant and exciting. Do not copy content from other resources. Exception – Cross posting between the company and its blog page in the social network.
Regularity. Articles should go regularly. Two, three, four or seven times a week – depending on the specifics of the business and its target audience. So, people from the business environment will be only two or three updates, and for the beauty-community, this is clearly not enough. It is necessary to adhere to the chosen content strategy regardless of the number of subscribers.
Viral. Publications should be alive, causing an emotional response to a burning desire to tell your friends about them. Avoid overtly promotional posts.

In addition, the generation of content for social networks has a number of features caused by the specifics of the platforms themselves.

Facebook in Russia – “social programs are not for everyone.” It is used in marketing, computer programmers and other IT-savvy people. They were not afraid of “complex interface”, and in the sphere of their interests – gadgets, Internet, travel, education, books and business in all its manifestations. They willingly and layout subjects these materials, as well as motivational articles, tuning to positive. Most of Facebook active audience uses mobile app – the posts recommended to illustrate the size of pictures 800 × 600.

“Twitter” – the largest social network (more than 230 million registered users). Its younger audience; focus users’ interests primarily entertainment (chat, games, music, movies, etc.). Members do not favor the text content (it is desirable that the post is not longer than 500 characters), but like photos and videos.


effective social media

Among the photo sharing site in Russia, the most popular Instagram. At the same time, leading brand in the Instagram page, it is recommended to stick to a single style in the design (using not only the standard filters, but also third-party photo editors), as well as positioning the objects in the photo on the 2/3 screen (this makes the picture visually more attractive).

The best time for posting to social networks:
Social network Time
Facebook 13: 00-16: 00
In contact with 13: 00-15: 00, after 20:00
Instagram 17: 00-18: 00
Twitter 13: 00-15: 00
Google+ 9: 00-11: 00


Targeting – is the creation of advertising messages aimed at a specific part of the audience, depending on its interests, place of residence and other criteria. Targeting improves the efficiency of advertising.

The ability to place targeted advertising is, in almost all social networks “VKontakte», Facebook, «Classmates” and others. It is assumed that the target-advertising in social networks more suitable for B2C sector. However, there are companies in the B2B, effectively solve business problems through targeted advertising.

Some types of targeting:

Geographical (geo) -.. Ad serving residents of a certain region / city / area, etc. For example, you want to promote a beauty salon, located in the Texas . Your targeted ads will be shown the inhabitants of this city.
demographic – display advertising, depending on gender, age, marital status and other social criteria. Thus, the advertising of children’s goods and goods for the house should be placed on the pages of married women over 25, and advertising art store – on the pages of designers, architects, designers.
Context – display advertising according to the user’s interests. Group like “Fashion», Fashion, «Shopping” and so on. N. Demonstrates the interests of the user. It will be interesting to relevant advertising.
Behavioral – display advertising, depending on specific user actions (transportation routes, favorite places, frequent searches, etc…). Suppose a man is interested in the Latin American dances, walks in the salsa club, looking for the appropriate video – it is likely that it will attract advertising burning travel to Cuba.

Despite its apparent simplicity, target – a tool that requires a serious preparatory work. First, you must analyze the target audience of the brand. Second, create an ad.
Advertising in communities

Advertising in the community (in professional language) – is to buy placing posts or repost in popular communities. In the first case (the purchase of post) the purpose of the advertiser is to increase traffic to the website; Second (buying repost) – involvement of users in the company’s social network group. The greater the community of subscribers, a post in which you buy, the more expensive it will cost advertising campaign.

With community owners can negotiate directly, or use a special exchange service. In 2013, the per sec opened a social network “twitter” (office for the advertiser). Advertising placed community administration in his belt, and, according to the conditions, must remain there for the day.
Career advancement in social media

This includes services that provide paid services to promote social networks. As a rule, they create their own high-quality content, target-run mechanism and shall agree on the advertising community. Extor can provide you quality social media services, target seo development,twitter followers and more. if you need just contact us

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