Abu Dhabi Finance Week(ADFW) R.A.C.E Sustainability Summit Invited by ADGM1

Kazi Jakaria Rarcntv Riad


Certified by World Top Global Ranking University/Organizations

Harvard, MIT, Stanford ,University of newyork, California davis,United Arab Emirates University, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM Even More than Few Dozen Top Ranking University

United Arab Emirates University
The State University of New York
Penn University of Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Harvard University
Google Certified
IBM Certified
Amazon AWS Certified
Extorfx CEO Microsoft Certified
Certification Badge
EmTechMOOC Completer Credly Badge
IBM Skill Developers Network technical-support-basics Credly Badge
Google Digital Marketing E-commerce certification Credly Badge
University Alumni Network
University of Colorado Boulder Network Alumni
University of Oxford Alumni Network
Alumni of the Ivy League

Business Bay Near Burj Khalifa Digital Marketer and Problem Solver, He is a North American SEO specialist, Direct work with Multi Million revenue Company Founder remotely, Also work in hybrid/sometimes office, flexible hours, hourly, fixed price as well. holding a proven track record with a million dollar company in SEO/SEM/PPC development & is responsible for researching & developing unique SEO/SEM/PPC strategies based on competitor research. He is extremely skilled in IT, & is able solve problems & provide solutions to challenging SEO difficulties. As well as being extremely skilled in IT, he also specialises in Business Analysis,link auditing, & holds expert rating on freelance sites with a top quality performance in SEO. He is Certified by Harvard, MIT, Stanford ,University of Newyork, California davis,United Arab Emirates University, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM.
, with a keen understanding of lead generation & conversion.

He Also has vast Knowledge Regarding Business Analysis, VFX,Motion Grahpics,Concept Developer. 3d. Latest Thinking, Idea. Competitor Research.24 Hours Constant research ability expect senseless sleep. Using personal super computer / Workstation for Professional Development.

A Researcher knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

He aims to use SEO/SEM/PPC development to improve client’s failing businesses, & has proven success in this area due to his extensive research into how millionaire companies succeed using SEO development. Through freelancing sites, he has helped many clients who are extremely satisfied with his knowledge & expertise.

A highly talented individual, he is also skilled in the following areas; PPC(Google,Bing,shopping,various paid media ads, social media marketing, graphic design, & 3D animation. He is an IMDB certified artist who has worked for the BBC TV show CG Development.

1999-2004: Professional typing, computer composition, typing machines, typing based computers, and learning from local shops. He acquired knowledge of 486 DOS PCs, Mac OS, and a range of business related activities. He learned not only about those activities, but also about computer servicing, DOS, BIOS, video editing, 3D, and computer software-based problem solving from various sources. He spent time understanding a business model, blogging, posting in discussion forums, browsing various sites, using various sites for link building, and social media marketing for profile creation. He created more than 10,000 profiles on various sites, studied basic computer technology and maintenance, computer viruses, security research, and 3D animation and graphic design. Don’t rely on templates or ready-made projects, but rather create designs with unique ideas. He acquired basic development skills by utilizing HTML and Flash, as well as video editing. It’s his ability to self-learn that makes him learn. Not anyone is helping to learn, like YouTube, or a teacher or anyone else. Utilize his brain to think more deeply. And learn about computers.

Most interesting is that he learns all when the computer is free. He offers a few years of work for free to any business owner. No matter the amount of money. He never demands anything related to money, but instead focuses on learning. At that time, his gift was to touch a computer. Not like nowadays, people ask for money before work but have no skills at all.

2004-2006: studied 3D, visual effects, dabbled in various tools & software, blogged, did some affiliate & email marketing, gathering concepts from various sites, commenting on blogs, using SEO software such as Senuke IBP,seo audit,link resarch tools, spyfu, semrush,market samurai, & many others for competitor research. He spent time researching social visibility, site visibility analysis, researching conversion & eCommerce sites. At this time, he also supported clients in improving their online business concepts.

2006-2011: took a job with a 3D animation company, as well as working on SEO development for North American, Canadian, & local clients, gaining customers from around the world for SEO/SEM/PPC development by developing strategies. Learning link auditing, helping clients avoid Google penalties, working with several companies, & building a career on various freelancer sites.

2011- present day: helping groups of companies who have previously hired SEO freelancers without success, assisting to develop core concepts for business, researching social media to gain insights on how millionaire companies generate business- including directing clients to generate sales via this platform- researching how to gain real followers & generate a quality audience, as well as various types of wordpress development including Magento, Opencart, Oscommerce, Joomla, & many other platform customization programs, studied flash development, CGI development, assisted SEO development in a wide range of sectors such as the health & beauty industry, home appliances,  travel & tourism, casinos, IT services & software, & also medicine, to name  a few.


Digital Marketing – 13 years
SEM – 15 years
SMM – 15 years
PPC – 13 years
Competitor Research – 13 years
CEO Advisor – 19 years


Phone numbers:



Attended Invitation after 15 years


Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation park

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2024

COP28 UAE by United Nation

Abu Dhabi Invitation Hub71

Abu Dhabi Invitation Hub71 – Launch of SC Ventures

Abu Dhabi Invitation Hub71 Impact 2024

Abu Dhabi Invitation Hub71 AVPN Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

Abu Dhabi Invitation Abu Dhabi Global Market(ADGM)

Economy Middle East Invitation Abu Dhabi Global Market(ADGM)

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Invitation

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Invitation – Investor Day

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Invitation – UAE National Holiday

Dubai World Trade Center Invitation

Gitex (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition)

SuperBridge Summit Invitation

Acronis invite to extorfx CEO Dubai
NewsCred Dhaka,Bangladesh American based Company
Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)
Gitex – Dubai United Arab Emirates UAE
Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park United Arab Emirates – UAE

Dubai International Boat Show & Conference 2024

Note: We not interested in acting, just for entertainment purposes as per their offer.

The Bureau Business Center

W3WC World Web3 Consortium

CIO Leaders Conference – CIOLC

Driftx Land Air SEA Abu Dhabi

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Note: Sometimes We do not join any events due to many reasons. An event host may not know who is invited, why they were invited, or if there are any issues such as confusion, jealousy, or other confusion among employees. No respect for the invited guest. Better avoid such Event. But wish to join in the future if problem fixes. Email Missed as Common message

Inside Personal Invitation Meet up Gitex

Thanks for Upcoming Invitation

Note: This may not be updated from time to time. Since a decade ago, we have received prestigious invitations depending on the time and situation. The place we join may vary.

Social Event

Note: Some event may need Research purpose. Our CEO has no interest in joining any awards or events, or anything else at your request. Several times, he was invited or may be near the area that’s why he joined nothing else. He did not grow by joining the event!  His comment event old history,waste of time. His method does not allow him to attend the event.   He did not get client by showing off.  He is eligible to attend a 15-year-old event if we’re interested. While researching, he is unable to eat food. Evidence plays a role in why someone doesn’t believe something we can’t do. But it’s their life-time dream, but they cannot get a response.  In his life story, people have never been mentioned in any events. Working 24 hours a day, he is a researcher. People who are jealous or bad commenters realize that they are always wrong. They may learn a new story. Some activities out of unaccounted activities. Direct denied Google or Microsoft Summit.  People see activities as learner.

Invitation Award Nominated

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Extorfx ceo Invited as Speaker CIO Leadership Conference
Extorfx CEO Speaker Invitation by Logytalks

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Meeting with leading Industry

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) has no experienced tours

This evidence is not just about Digital Marketing or IT services. But also taking on challenges where anything unknown is possible. Even our CEO hasn’t traveled abroad in 15 years due to extensive research. This is his first time attending the Dubai World Trade Center Invitation Gitex. But it looks like he has spent a few years in that area. So those who need a solution understand its meaning.

1st to 2nd Day in Dubai Journey

Research everything, train, analyze the whole Dubai system, and do not pick up anyone from anywhere, depending on the situation sometimes. He went to Dubai Parks and Resorts in Jebel Ali and Dubai Mall and purchased a computer. Even the Dubai mall map was not working, causing a challenge in direction. Anything is truly unknown. He spent his first day! Anyone in Dubai can say how many years! He was laughing just one day into his stay. Watch and comment as needed. This is how based on thinking, you can overcome any competitor, no matter what it is. Ask your CEO or manager for help, but you won’t know anything without any help. See how they react! However, our CEO successfully did it quickly. Let’s enjoy it.

3rd Day in Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE Journey

Remember life first 3 days in Dubai, where nothing known to our ceo. But  somehow find out everything as need even time taken.

More than Few thousand Top Company Recruiting/Recruiting Director/Recurring Specialist,talent acquisition specialist Job Invitation Including Fortune 500 list who have yearly revenue up to 30 Billion. Company asset (30-600 Billion).

United Airlines Job Invitation
Petrosoft Job Invitation
United States Air Force
Royal Enfield Job Invitation



What happens to your brain as you age

Common sense questions for scientists and researchers. Scientists say there are 100 billion neurons. So question is, does the brain have billions of data centers? That scientist will say yes, it has a data center! Then another question: Facebook or Google data center? A $3 billion data center in the world. China is part of the Mongolia…

Hurricanes are now twice as likely to zip from minor to whopper than decades ago, study says

In my brain research lab, I am saying that. I am never required to use a lab. It’s a super simple analysis. But bad luck continues to destroy everything, then we know. It has no value whatsoever. My question is why we don’t know before it happens! What caused the hurricane to hit two times?…

The Power of Language’: 5 ways multilingual brains work differently

Tell me something interesting. How long you spend your time to learn just only English if you are not native person!. Now compare with my difference. more than 20 years I never learn english. I mean ofcourse english is fine. But I had question why I have to give some complex structure unnecessary. an example…

A few surprising facts about the Arabic language

There are a large number of people who believe it. Who doesn’t make sentences or use broken English can’t do anything. Let’s go straight to the point. I know tense, right? Despite my efforts, I still don’t do it. I know the difference between English in Australia, America, and the UK. Since age 12, I…

Guterres calls for phasing out fossil fuels to avoid climate ‘catastrophe’

Do you have a clear understanding of what God’s word is? Whatever you are doing, I am aware of it. God is a blessed being who communicates with us through the Quran or his book. Exactly as it is in the real world. If poor people get the invitation of the world’s top billionaire. How…

Japanese scientists find microplastics are present in clouds

Proof my Word by the news. We break our ecosystem. and now world more violent. fish are dying, and People are dying even don’t know anything. just because of oxygen. You correctly remember that food has guidelines by god!. why you can not eat any food. because of sense. if your sense is disturbed. then…

Elon Musk says Twitter, now X, will charge all users a ‘small’ monthly subscription fee

My comment all social media is under challenge. Some proof. See Elon Musk wants to force everyone’s monthly fee. based on activities if he is a trillion-dollar value. to me 100% value less. I see leadership. Don’t forget I am also leadership certified by Stanford. So his activities in my any sense no creativity. has…

The No. 1 skill you need to ‘win every argument,’ says public speaking expert: ‘Few people have it

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/02/the-no-1-skill-you-need-to-win-every-argument-says-public-speaking-expert-few-people-have-it.html That I always do. But you know i meet with million people from child hood super professional so understand any one activity. plus that activity show what you are doing how well you will do in next few years. Lot of founder lot of technologist hiring person, HR, Business Development, Vice President , Founder,…

Burger King becomes latest fast food giant to face lawsuit over misleading portion sizes

You see today. I know always. If you do fraud idea by any mean. no matter how experienced you are. you will fine or penalty what you cheat from customer. Its God rule. not your rule. So what burger king leadership failed. But you know Top Digital Marketing. advertising branding people there. so see I…

When Interview in Circus/Joke

Everyone Love Interview call email right! wow I got an invitation? But do you know I am some type of person reject few hundred even thousand company invitation. No matter who is this. Yea Previous time did in Business bay too. But Now did another company in Business Bay even well reputed place building. I…

Job Invitation By Top Location
Invitation Interview Meeting but Reject If HR , Admin Power less for Decision or Need Approval From Founder/President/CEO/Owner

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Never Buy In Life Fake Everything like Fake/Spam Lead,Followers,Instagram Like,Video View/Promote, Subscriber, Review, Profile, client in Freelance Platform, Domain Authority,Traffic, organic traffic, Linkbuilding,SEO,Digital Marketing, Careless Paid Marketing to END client Budget, Marketing Techniques expect Experiment.Request to Review 5 Star, Even No job after Truth Explain, Don't beg like us, just follow or comment! Avoid anything fake.
3D Sample Work
Digital Marketing
Paid Advertising
Twitter Paid Advertising
Google Shopping ad
Yahoo Gemini advertising
Bing advertising
Facebook Ad Advertising
Google ads Campaign
Website Design/Development Redesign/Problem Fixing
IT Cyber Security Malware Protection Website Security
Virtual Reality VR technology knowledge by kazi
Computer Upgrade Troubleshooting
DVR Setup Configuration
HP Z Workstation Troubleshooting
Hardware Software Installation Configuration Troubleshooting
Wireless Display setup
Nvidia 3d vision KIT
Nvidia 3D Vision
Fraud Protection Analyst Advisor
Company President/Founder/CEO Advisor
Leader Secret Weapon
Out Of Box Thinking
Short Invest high Profit Protection
Latest Challenge Overcome
Brain Wash Protection
Incase when Leave Employee Site Account Loss Protection
Non Stop Latest Awareness
Research Analysis Fake Fact
Crash Trap Non Detectable Invest for Fake hope
Latest Update Idea Before loss
Support Help Advice Guidance Assistant
Financial Scam
ONSITE Sales Director Vice President Business Development Head Marketing Assistant Advisor
Vice President Sales Secret
Leadership or Business Lacking's comment Applied to Billion Revenue Fortune 500 Company Even
Meeting with Founder as Founder/Owner Advisor

Even Full Time office Employee few years but discussing with me. why the business not improve at all. What they are doing few years. Why getting fake lead. Why website issue, Their site destroy as soon leave Job. Even their hosting domain gone. All social media account remove or not in their control. less creative social media. why can not fix problem. Why spoil their paid advertising budget. Spending high amount money in paid advertising but no reach at all. no audience improvement. Need a leadership. Guidance, why competitor advanced but they are not. So many problem Discussing with Founder.

Cyber Crime Analyst
Universe Analyst
Business Analyst
Future Situation Analyst
Modern Age Analyst
Digital Society Analyst
Ai Challenge Analyst
Billionaire Analyst
Weather Analyst
Building Construction Engineering Analyst
Digital Life Analyst
Financial, Stock Trading, Share Price Analyst

Commented in 2022, he doesn’t know what next.

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save 24 Billion by Research.

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Stock Trading knowledge 17 years
Stock Trading Chart analysis 13 years

3-5 years ago, analysis found the challenge

By analyzing, the factor can save the company up to 200 billion for the next challenge.


Business Challenge Thinker 25 years
Business Secret analysis 17 years
Business Activity Analysis 19 years
Business Stock Monitoring 20 years

Drop in Facebook user numbers wipes $200 billion off parent company’s value

Few Years Ago Comment After a Night Analysis

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save 200 Billion by Research

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Activity Analysis 19 years
Stock Trading Analysis 19 years

Elon Musk Values Twitter At $20 Billion , Less Than Half Of What He Paid

Before Buy I warn Should not Buy it

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save 20 Billion by Research.

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Social Media Use 21 years
Social Media Research 19 years
Social Analyst

10 Years Ago Comment After a Night Analysis

By Sense,as a Leader I can save 5 Billion

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Activity Analysis 19 years
Business Reality Understanding 19 years

TikTok a national security threat For Privacy

Before Thinking Comment Tiktok Challenge

Safe Investor, Fund, Protect Privacy before Violation

Critical Thinker 25 years
Social Violation Analysis 19 years
Business Activity Analysis 20 years
Business Reality Understanding 19 years
Digital Fraud Analyst

By Researching Activities of Fraud Comment in 2008

By Sense,as a Leader I can save Billion Dollar. Company Reputation

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Activity Analysis 19 years
Business Reality Understanding 19 years

12 Years Ago Comment After analysis a activity

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save The Prestige issue and Company Reputation

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Activity Analysis 19 years
Business Theory Monitoring 20 years
Crypto Virtual Currency Analyst

By Researching Activities of Fraud Comment in few years ago

By Sense,as a Leader I can save 4 Billion Dollar. Company Reputation

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Leadership Analysis 17 years
Digital Activity Analysis 15 years
Business Reality Understanding 19 years

Commented in 2022, he doesn’t know what next.

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save 24 Billion by Research.

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Stock Trading knowledge 17 years
Stock Trading Chart analysis 13 years
Sense of Realization. Feel VS real Life Happening

I was thinking and Searching adult diaper needs. Someone family laughing. But within a few weeks the news come up Even International space station need that! Diaper for Baby Purpose.

Critical Thinker 25 years
Depth of Sense 27 years
Scenario analysis 19 years
Business Reality Understanding 19 years

Drop in Facebook user numbers wipes $200 billion off parent company’s value

Few Years Ago Comment After a Night Analysis

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save 200 Billion by Research

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Activity Analysis 19 years
Stock Trading Analysis 19 years

Elon Musk Values Twitter At $20 Billion , Less Than Half Of What He Paid

Before Buy I warn Should not Buy it

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save 20 Billion by Research.

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Social Media Use 21 years
Social Media Research 19 years
Global Disease Analyst

World’s largest study in COVID vaccine side-effects ABC News

After some weeks of analysis, I understand that it is impossible to do anything regarding the disease.

By sense, as a leader, Alert people help them with natural remedies and help them avoid vaccines too.

Virus Research 19 years
Global Disease Study 17 years
Virus Symptoms analysis 19 years
Business Reality Understanding 19 years

Drop in Facebook user numbers wipes $200 billion off parent company’s value

Few Years Ago Comment After a Night Analysis

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save 200 Billion by Research

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Activity Analysis 19 years
Stock Trading Analysis 19 years

Elon Musk Values Twitter At $20 Billion , Less Than Half Of What He Paid

Before Buy I warn Should not Buy it

By Sense, as a Leader, I can save 20 Billion by Research.

Critical Thinker 25 years
Business Analysis 17 years
Social Media Use 21 years
Social Media Research 19 years

Global Advisory Network

Connecting the Extor fx network to the Silverlight group

1989 I486(Black white Monitor) PC TO LATEST TECHNOLOGY USED

Managing Most Creative Luxury Dynamic High end E-commerce,Travel Tourism, Spa, Industrial Manufacturing Company year to years.

Industrial Manufacturing - Aero Space, Military, Electronic High Tech

Software SAAS Product, Store Software, Office Software Industry - Gas Station, POS System,

UTV Vehicle Manufacturing - Golf Cart, Sports, Tourism ,Club

Outdoor Living Luxurious BBQ Gas Grill Industry - Outdoor Living, Commercial Outdoor Project

Luxury Spa Fitness Weight loss Health Industry - Artist, Professional makeup

Outdoor Landscaping Design, Pool Construction - Residential, Commercial, hotel

Note: some are May Switch Business Later

Riding Activities

Purchasing Decision But Zero Experienced Driving

Connected Network/Partner/Client Partner/Relation

Extor fx CEO Connected with Intel
Extor fx CEO connected with Fifa World Cup Federation


Extorfx CEO mentor Newchip

Various response opportunity TV Series Project Media News Communication

Research Center

Everyone in the top sector worldwide follows

Direct or indirect government, Top Ranked University, Institute, Billion-revenue companies, Fortune companies follow the idea.

Situation Analyst 27 years
Perfect Rule analyst 20 years
Global Challenge analyst 19
Critical Situation analysis 17
Self Learning 27 years
Standard Theory Research 25 years
Education system analysis 22 years
Quality Analysis 17 years

Note: Maybe they don’t even know me or somehow know me, connect with me. But by God wish that either Direct or Indirect listen to my idea and adopt it as a rule. Not today or tomorrow, but testing has been happening for decades.

Virtual Event Webinar Invitation not yet, Join

Mechanical tools are used for industrial solution research, but there is zero experience!

My activity will never stop if the page is between 10 and 100k! Compete with any millionaire or billionaire. They never use every tool. So that they never used every technology. Machanic has been a source of love for me since my childhood. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a laptop, mobile, desktop computer, calculator, alarm clock, CPU, GPU, studio speaker, charger, headphones, motors, chips, watch, IPs, ups, or any other type of electronics around the world. Decades experienced engineer and electrician, also working as a consultant.

Award Nomination /Invitation/Selection But Nothing

Our CEO has never tried anything in his life. He has never won an award or participated in a contest where many competitors avoided. But real-life competitors are automatically behind in day-by-day research.

Taqdeer Award His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince Dubai Chairman of The Executive Council

Survey Invitation

Bangladesh freelancer development society

What is my concept not yet born anywhere, even trillions of data on the Internet?

The concept you see has not yet been born on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or anywhere in the world. If you attempt to follow any social media sites, profiles, or templates, take a deep look at the page. You never create a showcase like that. This is a concept of thinking. I observe everywhere around the world, including social networking sites like TikTok and whatever you see! Whether it’s time line analysis, page profile, template, or anything else, it can be done. Match the thinking!