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Kazi Jakaria Rarcntv Riad



He is a North American SEO specialist, holding a proven track record with a million dollar company in SEO development & is responsible for researching & developing unique SEO strategies based on competitor research. He is extremely skilled in IT, & is able solve problems & provide solutions to challenging SEO difficulties. As well as being extremely skilled in IT, he also specialises in link auditing, & holds expert rating on freelance sites with a top quality performance in SEO. He is a Hubspot certified inbound marketing specialist, with a keen understanding of lead generation & conversion.

A Researcher knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

He aims to use SEO development to improve client’s failing businesses, & has proven success in this area due to his extensive research into how millionaire companies succeed using SEO development. Through freelancing sites, he has helped many clients who are extremely satisfied with his knowledge & expertise.

A highly talented individual, he is also skilled in the following areas; PPC, social media marketing, graphic design, & 3D animation. He is an IMDB certified artist who has worked for the BBC TV show CG Development.

1999-2004: spent time in blogging, posting in discussion forums, browsing various sites, using various sites for link building, social media marketing for profile creation. He made more than 10k profiles over various sites, studied basic computer technology & servicing,Computer virus, security research as well as 3D animation & graphic design. He learned basic development by HTML & flash, as well as video editing.

2004-2006: studied 3D, visual effects, dabbled in various tools & software, blogged, did some affiliate & email marketing, gathering concepts from various sites, commenting on blogs, using SEO software such as Senuke IBP,seo audit,link resarch tools, spyfu, semrush,market samurai, & many others for competitor research. He spent time researching social visibility, site visibility analysis, researching conversion & eCommerce sites. At this time, he also supported clients in improving their online business concepts.

2006-2011: took a job with a 3D animation company, as well as working on SEO development for North American, Canadian, & local clients, gaining customers from around the world for SEO/SEM/PPC development by developing strategies. Learning link auditing, helping clients avoid Google penalties, working with several companies, & building a career on various freelancer sites.

2011- present day: helping groups of companies who have previously hired SEO freelancers without success, assisting to develop core concepts for business, researching social media to gain insights on how millionaire companies generate business- including directing clients to generate sales via this platform- researching how to gain real followers & generate a quality audience, as well as various types of wordpress development including Magento, Opencart, Oscommerce, Joomla, & many other platform customization programs, studied flash development, CGI development, assisted SEO development in a wide range of sectors such as the health & beauty industry, home appliances,  travel & tourism, casinos, IT services & software, & also medicine, to name  a few.





Phone numbers:

+971521326358(UAE, Dubai)



Dubai United Arab Emirates(UAE) No Experienced Tour

This  evidence not just Digital Marketing or IT services. But also taking challenge where anything unknown even our CEO don’t even tour 15 years even in own country due to research a lot . This First time he attend in Dubai World Trade Center Invitation Gitex. But looks like he spending few years in that area. So who need solution they understand its mean.

1st to 2nd Day in Dubai Journey

Research everything, train, whole Dubai system analysis, do not pickup anyone from anywhere depend on situation sometimes may be. However he visited Dubai Parks and Resorts – Jebel Ali to Dubai Mall, buying computer even Dubai mall map not working. direction challenge. anything is real unknown. he spend 1st day! anyone in Dubai people say how many years! he was laughing just 1 days stay. watch and do your feedback comment as need. This is how based on thinking overcome your any competitor no matter whats it is. ask your ceo, manager whatever forever don’t know anything without any help to go . see how they react!.however our ceo successfully did it swiftly lets enjoy it.

3rd Day in Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE Journey

Remember life first 3 days in Dubai, where nothing known to our ceo. But  somehow find out everything as need even time taken.

United Arab Emirates University
The State University of New York
Penn University of Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Harvard University

More than Few thousand Top Company Recruiting/Recruiting Director/Recurring Specialist,talent acquisition specialist Job Invitation Including Fortune 500 list who have yearly revenue up to 30 Billion. Company asset (30-600 Billion).